Age | CNPApps is the App of your life time, from your first second to your last day! You counted your life time in years until now? It's time to discover new kind of anniversaries and milestones of your life. Your age in seconds, minutes, hours and much more. Just with a slide, whenever you want. Get Age | CNPApps now!

Features of Age | CNPApps:

• shows the time of your life in realtime
• seven different time units
• add all your family members and friends *
• compare ages between added people just with a slide
• make it more personal with photos and different color styles
• very easy set up and to use
• save your age facts in camera roll to share it with everybody you like
• also usable f.e. for duration of realationship or marriage

From now on, Age | CNPApps can be there for you every second of your life. Discover the crazyness of life time. Get it now!

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