Only about 10% of the players score more than 50 points. Do you accept the challenge and are part of it? It's harder than it looks! Download and play for FREE now!

ColorMind | CNPApps is the fastest reaction games ever ...

Up to four colored dots fly with about 370 m / h over your screen. You have to remember them and then press colored buttons in the correct order. You think that's easy? The next few points are already waiting for their start, so do not waste your time.
Try it, train your brain and also improve your reaction speed, your skillfulness and your memory skills!

ColorMind | CNPApps offers:

- Normal mode (four colored dots)
- Gray mode (four different gray dots)
- Two direction mode (points from above and below)
- Multiplayer mode (1 against 1)
- Game Center integration
- nice, simple design
- save your score as a photo (for example to share on Facebook)
- Brain jogging / brain training included
- improves your reaction speed
- completely free of charge

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