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Privacy Policy:

As the operator of this site, we currently do not store any anonymous or personal user data. There is a possibility that the server operator may store data e.g. to access times, IP's, stores data. We do not have access to these data and they are beyond our responsibility. Our apps do not collect any analysis data, etc. With regard to the ads displayed, it is possible for the user to show only anonymous advertising or personalized advertising. The administration, provision, presentation, evaluation and other implementation in this regard is done by Google. Again, CNPApps has no influence or access to data. Furthermore, Apple collects data, e.g. lifetime, frequency, platform used, or crash if the user of the equipment agrees to this survey in the settings of their device. From this data, Apple app providers will then provide anonymous data. We also have no influence or further access to this information. Data from entries in the apps (application data) are stored on the device only for their own purposes, are unknown to us and are therefore not used in any form. Apps that are in the App Store category for children have no links or activities outside the protected parent options that would allow children to use the app, e.g. to leave third-party apps or perform transactions e.g. In-app purchases. If data storage changes occur in general, this is explained here in the area of ​​data protection. Please use the available contact options from the contact section of this page to contact us if you have questions about our privacy policy.


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